About us

We are here to transform Global last mile logistics industry. The future is electric and Elogi wants to steer it. Our eyes are set at simplifying mass adoption of smart EVs in the last mile logistics industry globally. We aim to do this by democratizing electric power.

We design, engineer, and manufacture India’s first of its kind smart electric mobility solution for last mile logistics through a manufacturing platform in collaboration with global R&D centres, local manufacturers, and other key stakeholders in the automotive value chain globally, and we provide intelligent logistics services for new urban life such as retail, delivery, and wholesale, among other things.

Key Features

Portable cargo compartment for improved cargo handling.

Modular battery system enabling cost optimization for the vehicle fleet

Compact vehicle-platform for fast-agile and emission free urban utility.

Smart Connectivity with GPS enabled

Market Served


Last Mile Delivery


Cold Chain Logistics


Commercial Supply Chain


Tool Repair Service


Advanced Telematics

We offer smart logistics management through predictive and real-time telematics, giving you complete control over route optimization, mobility intelligence that makes sense and further reduces costs.

Electrifying Efficiency

This 3-wheeled EV Cargo has proven itself on the road and has been designed to be the most advantageous solution for the logistics industry, with the lowest total cost of ownership.


We sit down with each customer to learn about their logistics needs. Then, using virtual testing environments, we deeply analyze their needs and create a custom EV Cargo compartment with exactly what the customer needs, saving them money and making the world more livable for all


Real-time position, History tracking, Ride statistics, Average speed & Maximum Speed, etc.